Founder and Principal Partner, Caroline Lavoie, works to ensure healthcare clients are able to navigate through the complexities of the American healthcare system and succeed by harnessing the information within their data.

Concord Analytics consultants have over 15 years of combined experience in the healthcare field with work in basic and clinical research and in the private and non-profit healthcare sectors. Their broad experience and professional networks provide the necessary background and context to quickly understand your needs with minimal explanation from you. Our team offers a variety of healthcare project management services to improve your organization’s bottom line, operations, and patient care.

Major Project Areas Include:

Health Data Management

  • Framework and roadmap building for implementing health analytics
  • Data literacy and education
  • Report creation and implementation

Health Data Analytics

  • Claims analysis
  • Clinical Risk Prevention and Prediction
  • Patient/client demographic reporting
  • Population health management

Provider/Staff Performance

  • Provider/staff performance dashboard creation and/or improvement
  • Provider/staff workflow and process improvement