Net Zero Consulting

Concord Analytics’ Net Zero practice is focused on providing science-based insights for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to achieve global goals. We are a first call for clients seeking comprehensive decarbonization planning and analysis. Our work focuses on two distinct areas. First, we offer executive level strategy and project design services for private and public sector clients to hone their objectives, develop research questions, create project plans, and identify the best solutions to help them achieve their Net Zero goals. Second, we utilize cutting edge quantitative analysis to inform the development of Net Zero pathways and goals for technologies, governments and industries. Our subject matter expertise includes renewable fuels, thermal electrification, carbon utilization, and carbon dioxide removal. We have operational and project management experience running integrated assessment, electricity sector (e.g., capacity expansion & planning), building energy, land use, GIS, transportation, waste system, economic impact (e.g., IMPLAN), equity impact, life cycle assessment and technology adoption models. Our capabilities range form local to global, our outlook ranges from 5 to 100 years. 

We have operational and project management experience with the following modeling and analytical approaches:

  • Integrated assessment
  • Electricity Sector (e.g., capacity expansion)
  • Building energy
  • Land Use & Carbon Storage
  • GIS
  • Transportation
  • Waste systems
  • Economic Impact (e.g., IMPLAN)
  • Equity & Climate Justice Impacts
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Technoeconomic Assessment
  • Technology Adoption Models

Our deep and broad subject matter expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Renewable Fuels (specifically algae, FT)
  • Thermal Electrification
  • Carbon Utilization
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal