What is Data Analytics?

Organizations are collecting data at an exponential rate. Raw data comes from sources such as sales, client info, product info, supply chain, operations, and social media. There is value and meaning within this data, but it can be difficult to extract these insights to guide strategic decisions. This is where data analytics helps.

Data analytics is the process of making meaning out of raw data by combining contextual knowledge with computer programming and analytical methods such as statistical, predictive, and machine learning techniques. Through these methods, patterns and information in data are uncovered that can lead to new understanding and assist in decision making, productivity improvement, and cost savings.

At Concord Analytics, we apply and tailor analytical methods to our clients’ needs and ultimately distill those analyses into meaningful stories, insight, and recommendations.

If you are curious about how data analytics can help, we want to speak with you and understand your data assets and organizational goals. Our team consists of data scientists with multiple professional degrees and years of experience who want to ensure our clients have a positive and insightful experience that brings effective solutions to your organization or project.

Founder and Principal Partner, Dan Walsh, ensures that every client's data can be distilled into a meaningful story that provides insight and guidance.