Visualization of the Week – 3D Scatterplot of New Hampshire Schools’ Class Sizes

Plotly is a visualization library available for Python, R, and JavaScript. One particular feature of the library is the 3D scatterplot which allows the mapping of points across multiple dimensions. Above is a graph of New Hampshire schools’ most recent average class sizes (2017-2018). Hover over each blue bubble to see the school’s name. As can be seen, there is a linear upward trend between class sizes across all three grade categories for most schools. There are  schools who don’t follow this trend however as they may only offer certain grades. 3D scatterplots are a simple and great way to see the interactions among continuous variables. Individuals can zoom, hover, and pan to see the data from multiple angles and perspectives. Other features are available in the toolbar in the upper-right hand corner. The data is publicly available information and was retrieved from